[Bug 102316] Euro Truck Simulator 2 crashes when changing graphics settings with mesa 17.3.0, but not with 17.0.7

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Fri Mar 23 10:33:57 UTC 2018


--- Comment #10 from Andriy Khulap <andriy.khulap at globallogic.com> ---
I've tested this game on Ubuntu 18.04 beta and was unable to reproduce it with
default mesa-18.0.0-rc4 (hardware was also Skylake GT, but 0x1916). The
graphics settings were changed without any problems.

But I can't run this game with any other mesa version from git. Tried 17.3.6,
latest master, even the same 18-0.0-rc4. Game changes desktop resolution to
1024x768 and don't run. Maybe Ubuntu 18.04 has some extra patches applied.

On another Skylake GT2 (0x191b) system I'm running Debian testing and it
behaves like in previous test: 17.3.6, 18.0.0-rc4, 18.0.0-rc5 ... and they all
require reverting of 6e06e281c6ee for proper game operation. 
With latest mesa master the game doesn't start exactly like 18.04 described

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