[Bug 105670] [regression][hang] Trine1EE hangs GPU after loading screen on Mesa3D-17.3 and later

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Fragment/Pixel Shader generated by Wine3.3, extracted from lookup of #55251 op
in the trace.

It's quite simple to use qapitrace to get all needed information. Just go to
op#55251, right click and select "lookup", it would start `glretrace` and dump
all information about current state, including the shaders, textures etc.

On unrelated to this bug note, this condition looks really fishy to me:
   if (R3.w != -R3.w) break;
Will this condition ever fail?

If variables were two's complement integers, the above line would have been
false if `R3.w==0` (or INT_MIN). However with float numbers we can have
separate +0.0 and -0.0, just like we have +inf and -inf.

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