[Bug 101408] [Gen8+] Xonotic fails to render one of the weapons

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Thu Mar 29 13:33:22 UTC 2018


--- Comment #28 from Sergii Romantsov <sergii.romantsov at globallogic.com> ---
According to Stuart's comment
(https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=101408#c22) i made investigation
and observed next:

0. Mesa is with my applied patch:
1. Case 1: with default configuration and no one defined extra variables.
Result 1: almost everything works fine, except Bots that uses 'ignismasked'
Models. For almost any place if we are looking on bot too far it always doesn't
have a 'head' (see Defaults_BotWithoutHead_1.jpg ('Issue with some bot's head
1') and Defaults_BotWithoutHead_2.jpg ('Issue with some bot's head 2'))
2. Case 2: To increase appearance of 'head'-issue need to do next:
 2.1 Add into default confiration (~/.xonotic/data/config.cfg) fields (that
allows to have all bots with problematic Model/Skin):
seta "sv_defaultcharacter" "1"
seta "sv_defaultplayermodel" "models/player/ignismasked.iqm"
 or just replace it with attached file config.cfg ('Issue with some bot's head
3 config')
 2.2 Before launching Xonotic do export:
export MESA_DEBUG="flush"
 2.3 Run Xonotic (it can be 0.8.2):
Result 2: with almost any bot we can catch issue pretty simple.
3. Case 3: without my patch.
Result 3: 'head' is not shown at all.

Also attached trace (with patch): xonotic-linux64-glx_head.trace ('Issue with
some bot's head 4 trace')

System:    Kernel: 4.13.0-37-generic x86_64 (64 bit gcc: 5.4.0)
           Desktop: Unity 7.4.0 (Gtk 3.18.9-1ubuntu3.3) Distro: Ubuntu 16.04
CPU:       Dual core Intel Core i7-7500U (-HT-MCP-) cache: 4096 KB
           flags: (lm nx sse sse2 sse3 sse4_1 sse4_2 ssse3 vmx) bmips: 11616
           clock speeds: max: 3500 MHz 1: 2900 MHz 2: 2900 MHz 3: 2900 MHz 4:
2900 MHz
Graphics:  Card-1: Intel Device 5916 bus-ID: 00:02.0
           GLX Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel HD Graphics 620 (Kaby Lake GT2)
           GLX Version: 3.0 Mesa 18.1.0-devel (git-1e36fe5dc4) Direct
Rendering: Yes

For Skylake is actual only 'Case 1' and with 'Case 3' only some artifacts/color
switches are present:
System:    Kernel: 4.15.0-12-generic x86_64 (64 bit gcc: 7.3.0)
           Desktop: Gnome 3.2.8 (Gtk 3.22.28-1ubuntu3.3) Distro: Ubuntu Bionic
Beaver (development branch)
CPU:       Dual core Intel Core i3-6006U (-MT-MCP-) cache: 3072 KB
           flags: (lm nx sse sse2 sse3 sse4_1 sse4_2 ssse3 vmx) bmips: 7968
Graphics:  Card: Intel HD Graphics 520 bus-ID: 00:02.0
           OpenGL: renderer: Mesa DRI Intel HD Graphics 520 (Skylake GT2)
           GLX Version: 4.5 Mesa 18.1.0-devel (git-1e36fe5dc4) Direct Render:

So i would say that its very different issue from Mortar rendering.

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