[Bug 91617] [BDW] Incorrect rendering in CS:GO

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--- Comment #26 from oleksandr.nikitin at globallogic.com ---
The game was tested on Kaby Lake and textures were dark.
Brightness setting in game doesn't work on all OS and GPU.
Brightness on KBL can be fixed changing globally in system or changing settings
in steam by adding string "setting.mat_tonemapping_occlusion_use_stencil" "1"
in ~/.steam/steam/userdata/844520631/730/local/cfg/video.txt.
This approach increases brightness on Kaby Lake but does nothing on Ivy Bridge.
Changing default brightness in videodefaults.txt doesn't work. 
In the beggining there is a line "setting.mat_monitorgamma" "2.200000" in
video.txt but after changing brightness in game this line in file dissapears.

Mesa cann't delete this line with brightness setting. Changing settings in
steam user can obtain textures like with radeon. Looks like issues are not
conected with mesa.

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