[Bug 106556] Upgrade to 18.0 completely breaks gnome-shell

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--- Comment #1 from Eero Tamminen <eero.t.tamminen at intel.com> ---
Did you update anything else than Mesa, e.g. something X related? And what is
your X server version?

Looks like there's either:
* invalid pointer being freed by Mesa, or
* memory corruption detected by libc (which could be elsewhere than Mesa)

When application tries to create the GLES context with the Intel driver.

It's possible that the issue comes because context creation fails, and this
error happens (in rarely used?) context creation failure path.  In that case,
this crash wouldn't be your actual problem, but something before it.

Do other desktops / compositors than Gnome crash?

If not, what "glxinfo | grep OpenGL" reports under them?

I'm not able to reproduce Gnome shell issue with Mesa and X server git versions
(on top of ClearLinux).  It would be good to hear from other Arch users,
whether they see the same issue with same SW versions, or is the issue specific
to your setup.

To determine which issue this actually is, please install Mesa debug symbols
and get a backtrace with Mesa function names, and provide gnome-shell output
[1] from the error. -> NEEDINFO

[1] If some other desktop environment works, you can try running gnome-shell
directly under it, and see whether Mesa reports any problems from gnome-shell
to the terminal.

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