[Bug 107420] [hsw] GPU HANG: ecode 7:0:0x86dffffd in Xorg

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Mon Nov 5 15:12:25 UTC 2018


--- Comment #17 from Georg <gchomse at chomse.de> ---
Here I am again. After some time of patience I opened this issue again with
some interesting results:

Some forums talk about 'nomodeset'. And in deed: it works. - ...better.
Now it is possible to boot the Ubuntu life DVD and boot an installed 18.04 in
graphical mode. The system seems to behave as everyone would expect.

But: There are some drawbacks.
- HDMI for display works fine. HDMI for audio is not available. "pactl list
sinks|grep -i hdmi" is empty.
If I boot without 'nomodeset' (and swicht to a TTY) I do see a HDMI audio
device here.

- It seems that I can really work with the Ubuntu GUI for a long time. But if I
switch to TTY3 for example, then I have a 80x25 display resolution what is not
the case with no 'nomodeset'. The only way back is <ctrl>d to close the
terminal. Switchin to another terminal is not possible. Then I am in the log in
screen again, but now the system is dead. No keyboard, no mouse. Only the clock
on top of the screen refreshes and screensaver works...

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