[Bug 105301] The big SKQP bug

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--- Comment #48 from Aditya Swarup <aditya.swarup at intel.com> ---
Hi Tapani,

I don't know the complexity of the task but definitely the spec doesn't say to
restrict external texture creation using dmabuf. This is a policy we are
introducing in our driver and other platforms don't exhibit this behavior. 

If you think what we are doing in the driver is confirming to specs, then can
you or somebody from the MESA team take up this discussion with Google to
resolve this Skqp failure by explaining to them what they are doing in the test
code is wrong. 

The problem over here is we are juggling the ball from one end to the other.
Google says there is no problem in their test code and if the driver is written
according to spec, it should pass. But you/Intel-MESA team have a different
opinion on this. As a result we are going nowhere wrt resolving this issue :(

Can you/Ken please post a reply to this thread with your suggestion:

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