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--- Comment #54 from Chad Versace <chadversary at chromium.org> ---
Google here :-)

Git-blame claims that I wrote the pivotal comment

  /* We support external textures only for EGLImages created with
   * EGL_EXT_image_dma_buf_import. We may lift that restriction in the future.

in April 2015. Even if git-blame is wrong (due to refactors), I'm the person
who insisted that we enforce that restriction in the initial rollout of

It's finally time to lift the restriction :)

Copying what I said on mesa-dev today:

The original reason was that the driver was not yet robust enough to      
handle all the corner cases of external images, auxiliary surfaces, etc.  
But, I believe the driver became sufficiently robust enough near          
September last year.                                                      

To clarify... I believe the driver is robust regarding auxiliary            
surfaces and EGLImages (solution: The driver disables auxiliary surfaces    
on EGLImages created via this codepath), but not necessarily fully          
correct around all the non-compression corner cases of the EGLImage api.    
But, as Ken said, we probably still have problems lurking around the        
orphaning logic, and we can fix those corner cases as we find them.         

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