[Bug 97229] [IVB] Vkquake segment fault when change resolution in the menu

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Wed Nov 14 11:28:03 UTC 2018


--- Comment #5 from Marina Chernish <zmiy.maryna at gmail.com> ---
I faced similar issues while playing this game. I looked through available
resolutions and modes and have following results:

issues with resolution changing:
resolution 1600*1200; fullscreen on -> apply changes- bottom edge of screen is
blinking with some random content and game won't start after reentering;
resolution 800*600, fullscreen on -> apply changes, exit game - sometimes
changes user settings resolution of the screen when game is exited and also
crashes the game after restart;
resolution 680*400; fullscreen on -> apply changes and restart the game - game
crashes on start showing its console or just black screen. 

Fullscreen OFF mode is working much more better for mentioned resolutions. 

No game or other dmesg message while it's happening. Also tried to launch it
using gdb but also no error messages.

So I suppose it's game bug. Created an issue for it:

also screen is blinking while game is starting and while entering Options menu
- probably should be investigated additionally - this one also observed on KBL;

Environment: Linux Manjaro; kernel 4.18.12-1-MANJARO; IvyBridge CPU: Intel Core
i5-3470; GPU: IntelĀ® HD Graphics 2500; Vulkan 1.1.80

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