[Bug 108782] Android: i965/brw_draw affected by segfault in intel_disable_rb_aux_buffer()

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Mon Nov 19 15:16:23 UTC 2018


--- Comment #5 from Mauro Rossi <issor.oruam at gmail.com> ---

I will add some debug printout to further investigate,
but in the meantime could you please check
src/mesa/drivers/dri/i965/intel_mipmap_tree.c @line757
if the ISL_AUX_USAGE_CCS_E should taken into account to release the mt?

   /* Create the auxiliary surface up-front. CCS_D, on the other hand, can only
    * compress clear color so we wait until an actual fast-clear to allocate
    * it.
   if (mt->aux_usage != ISL_AUX_USAGE_CCS_D &&
       !intel_miptree_alloc_aux(brw, mt)) {
      return NULL;

   return mt;

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