[Bug 108895] GPU Hang

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Lakshmi <lakshminarayana.vudum at intel.com> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
          Component|DRM/Intel                   |Drivers/DRI/i965
         QA Contact|intel-gfx-bugs at lists.freede |intel-3d-bugs at lists.freedes
                   |sktop.org                   |ktop.org
           Assignee|intel-gfx-bugs at lists.freede |intel-3d-bugs at lists.freedes
                   |sktop.org                   |ktop.org
            Version|XOrg git                    |unspecified
            Product|DRI                         |Mesa

--- Comment #1 from Lakshmi <lakshminarayana.vudum at intel.com> ---
Considering this as not a kernel bug but Mesa. Product is set to Mesa.

render command stream:
  START: 0x1af30000
  HEAD:  0x01401d34
    head = 0x00001d34, wraps = 10
  TAIL:  0x00001d70
  CTL:   0x00003001
    len=16384, enabled
  MODE:  0x00004000
  HWS:   0x007ea000
  ACTHD: 0x00000000 fe68f644
    at ring: 0x00000000
  IPEIR: 0x00000000
  IPEHR: 0x7a000004
  INSTDONE: 0xffdfffff
    busy: CS
  batch: [0x00000000_fe68f000, 0x00000000_fe697000]
  BBADDR: 0x00000000_fe68f645
  BB_STATE: 0x00000020
  INSTPS: 0x8000020b
  INSTPM: 0x00006080
  FADDR: 0x00000000 fe68f800
  RC PSMI: 0x00001010
  FAULT_REG: 0x000000b9
    Invalid PTE Fault
    Engine GFX
    Source ID 23
  SYNC_0: 0x00000000 [last synced 0x00000000]
  SYNC_1: 0x00000000 [last synced 0x00000000]
  SYNC_2: 0x00000000 [last synced 0x00000000]
  GFX_MODE: 0x0000a000
  PDP0: 0x000000003b359000
  PDP1: 0x000000003b359000
  PDP2: 0x000000003b359000
  PDP3: 0x0000000004cbe000
  seqno: 0x00782ad2
  last_seqno: 0x00782ae2
  waiting: yes
  ring->head: 0x00002b10
  ring->tail: 0x00001e28
  hangcheck: hung [42]

Bad count in PIPE_CONTROL
0xfe68f644:      0x7a000004: PIPE_CONTROL: no write, no depth stall, no RC
write flush, no inst flush
0xfe68f648:      0x00000408:    destination address
0xfe68f64c:      0x00000000:    immediate dword low
0xfe68f650:      0x00000000:    immediate dword high
0xfe68f65c:      0x78230000: 3D UNKNOWN: 3d_965 opcode = 0x7823
0xfe68f660:      0x00007c00: MI_NOOP
0xfe68f664:      0x78210000: 3D UNKNOWN: 3d_965 opcode = 0x7821
0xfe68f668:      0x00007bc0: MI_NOOP
0xfe68f66c:      0x78240000: 3D UNKNOWN: 3d_965 opcode = 0x7824
0xfe68f670:      0x00007b81: MI_NOOP
0xfe68f674:      0x78150009: 3D UNKNOWN: 3d_965 opcode = 0x7815
0xfe68f678:      0x00000000: MI_NOOP
0xfe68f67c:      0x00000000: MI_NOOP
0xfe68f680:      0x00000000: MI_NOOP
0xfe68f684:      0x00000000: MI_NOOP
0xfe68f688:      0x00000000: MI_NOOP
0xfe68f68c:      0x00000000: MI_NOOP
0xfe68f690:      0x00000000: MI_NOOP
0xfe68f694:      0x00000000: MI_NOOP
0xfe68f698:      0x00000000: MI_NOOP
0xfe68f69c:      0x00000000: MI_NOOP
0xfe68f6a0:      0x78190009: 3D UNKNOWN: 3d_965 opcode = 0x7819

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