[Bug 109055] ~10% perf drop in Sascha Willems Vulkan Multithreading demo

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--- Comment #2 from Eero Tamminen <eero.t.tamminen at intel.com> ---
In more detail:
* BDW-i3 GT2 (256KB, 3MB LLC), BSW and BXT didn't regress originally, and
improved clearly between commits indicated in above comment
* There was no improvement on HSW-7 GT2 (1024KB, 8MB LLC), SKL-i7 GT4e (1024KB,
6MB LLC), KBL-i7 GT3e (512KB, 4MB LLC), and I don't have data on whether they
regressed originally
* Original regression was large on SKL-i5 GT2 (1024KB, 6MB LLC), SKL-i5 GT3e 
(512KB, 4MB LLC), KBL-i7 GT2 (512KB, 4MB LLC).  SKL GT3e didn't improve, others

Current status for things on which I still have data that they had clearly
regressed originally:
* SKL & KBL GT2: 10-15% behind original perf
* SKL GT3e: ~20% behind original perf

There's some possible confusion here due to our build server and other changes
happening at same time with v4.20-rc kernel STIBP mitigations.  If somebody can
confirm the regressions that would be nice.

I'm fine with WONTFIX or WORKSFORME resolutions though, Vulkan multithreading
isn't very interesting use-case (at least yet).

Referenced Bugs:

[Bug 109535] [Tracker] Mesa 19.0 release tracker
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