[Bug 108820] [SKL] (recoverable) GPU hangs in benchmarks using compute shaders with drm-tip v4.20-rc kernels

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Thu Feb 7 16:03:06 UTC 2019


--- Comment #34 from Jakub Okoński <jakub at okonski.org> ---
I hope I'm not going crazy, but on 5.0-rc5 with mesa 19.0-rc2, the goal post
has moved to 32 shader invocations in a local group. So comment #12 is outdated
when it comes to the number. Otherwise, the behavior is the same, it's the
combination of > 32 items AND conditional early return statements that cause
the hang.

So in the end I only have one repro case I think, it's this:

#version 450

layout (local_size_x = 33) in;

void main() {
    if (gl_GlobalInvocationID.x >= 20) {


>From here, I can do any of:
1) comment out barrier() call
2) comment out the return statement (the if can stay)
3) decrease local_size_x to 32

And it will prevent the crash from happening. The drm/card0 error that I
uploaded on February 5th is the only crash I can provide.

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