[Bug 109582] Performance regressions in Mesa 19.0.0-rc2

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Mon Feb 11 09:14:33 UTC 2019


--- Comment #3 from Eero Tamminen <eero.t.tamminen at intel.com> ---
(In reply to LunarG from comment #2)
> I tried reverting but I'm still seeing the drop in performance for the
> Sascha Willems demos.
> But the drop on the dota2 trace was fixed.

If you have older machines than Skylake, e.g. Broadwell one, do you see the
compute tests drop also on them?

If not, it could be GEN9+ specific like the couple of other perf drops in
19.0-rc (bug 109517, bug 109505).

(In reply to LunarG from comment #0)
> See https://share.lunarg.com/vulkan/report/2957#performance for reference.

Deferred multisampling drop is also bug 109216.

Terrain / tessellation drop is most likely bug 107510.

Btw. The header on the results page is misleading (each data line lists
different baseline version than 19.0.0-rc2):
"Mesa 19.0.0-rc2 Intel Skylake compared to 19.0.0-rc2 Intel Skylake Baseline"

As is the "SW" prefix in the test names for "Sacha Willems" (I first wondered
were the tests for a CPU-renderer).  Best would be if test name could be a link
to a test description (vulkan demos commit ID, exact command line with
resolution, whether it's run in fullscreen or windowed etc).

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