[Bug 109616] [ANV] Inconsistent mesh flickering with Witcher 3

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Thu Feb 14 10:51:15 UTC 2019


--- Comment #2 from Denis <denys.kostin at globallogic.com> ---
hi guys. I also can reproduce this issue on this configuration:

GPU - Intel UHD Graphics 630
mesa - tested on latest master and release 18.0.0 (and 18.3.2, system)
OS - manjaro
Proton 3.16-6

Link to the apitrace (trace was maiden under wine):

What I can say - replaying this apitrace always reproduces flickering (exactly
that one, when textures disappear and I see trees and sky (inside the cave) ).

I tested this trace on KBL (same configuration with Danylo), and can say that
flickering is less, and not stable, as on CFL machine.

Hope this information may help to investigate the issue.

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