[Bug 81843] [SNB IVB HSW] ETC2 textures are not returned as compressed images

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--- Comment #6 from Eleni Maria Stea <estea at igalia.com> ---
Hi, yes that's normal, I am sorry :) I forgot I had pasted the link in this bug
report and modified the test... 

So, new instructions:

git clone https://github.com/hikiko/test-compression.git

cd to the directory run make and
./test compressed/full.tex

you should see some mipmaps (it tests that we can create and display all the


Then if you want to run the original test you have to checkout a previous
git checkout a76e52b12bf54efdeb95b7f6d8ecfdcec0ab81ae
./test compressed_texture
./test compressed_texture -subtest
./test compressed_texture -copytest

the first checks GetCompressedTexImage you should see a texture and a message
that submitted and retrieved data match.


the second checks the GetCompressedTextureSubImage you should see the previous
texture and a red quad overwriting a region in the upper left corner + same


and the third tests the CopyImageSubData and you should see a yellow quad where
you would see the red before..


I hope that with these instructions you can run it, sorry that I modified it!

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