[Bug 109759] [BISECTED][REGRESSION][IVB, HSW] Font rendering problem in OpenGL

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Changes from before 4cd1a0be7688 to after 4cd1a0be7688

These changes all look fine to me with a couple exceptions.  Some of the
shaders have a hunk at the beginning like:

@@ -1798,6 +1798,7 @@
 mov(8)          g63<1>.xUD      0x00000000UD                    { align16 1Q
compacted };
 mov(8)          g67<1>.xUD      0x00000000UD                    { align16 1Q
compacted };
 add(8)          g74<1>.xD       g5<4>.zD        g5<4>.xD        { align16 1Q
+mov(8)          g77<1>.yD       g30<4>.yD                       { align16 1Q
 mov(8)          g82<1>.xUD      0x00000010UD                    { align16 1Q
compacted };
 mov(8)          g86<1>.xUD      0x00000020UD                    { align16 1Q
compacted };
 mov(8)          g87<1>UD        g3<4>UD                         { align16 1Q

I haven't looked at it to closely, but this seems suspicious.  In this case,
g77 was previously the result of the CMP instruction.  It seems unlikely that
g30 will have a value that could be valid for any remaining uses of g77.

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