[Bug 109072] GPU hang in blender 2.80

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Wed Jan 2 19:04:01 UTC 2019


--- Comment #23 from Kenneth Graunke <kenneth at whitecape.org> ---
(In reply to Lionel Landwerlin from comment #22)
> Managed to get some understanding about what's going on here :
> Since we switch to softpin all buffers, that means the vertex buffers aren't
> restricted to the low 4Gb region. So we run into the same HW issue as before.
> In effect softpinning VBOs nullifys the 32bit reloc flag in
> genX(emit_vertex_buffer_state) (genX_state_upload.c).
> I'm not quite sure how to fix this apart from disabling softpinning on all
> buffer objects, because buffers can be reused from one type another
> (transform feedback output into vertices for instance)...

We ought to be doing VF cache invalidations when VB[i] or IB transition between
different 4GB segments.  But, maybe we're not doing those properly. :(

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