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--- Comment #7 from leozinho29_eu at hotmail.com ---
I finished the bisect. The result I got is:

a363bb2cd0e2a141f2c60be005009703bffcbe4e is the first bad commit
commit a363bb2cd0e2a141f2c60be005009703bffcbe4e
Author: Kenneth Graunke <kenneth at whitecape.org>
Date:   Tue Apr 10 01:18:25 2018 -0700

    i965: Allocate VMA in userspace for full-PPGTT systems.

    This patch enables soft-pinning of all buffers, allowing us to skip
    relocation processing entirely.  All systems with full PPGTT and > 4GB
    of VMA should gain these benefits.  This should be most Gen8+.

    Unfortunately, this excludes a few systems:
    - Cherryview (only has 32-bit addressing, despite 48-bit pointers)
    - Broadwell with a 32-bit kernel
    - Anybody running pre-4.5 kernel.

    We may enable it for Cherryview in the future, but it would require
    some tweaks to the memory zone.

    Reviewed-by: Jordan Justen <jordan.l.justen at intel.com>

:040000 040000 cd737c2051868581e9c9c7ca58234f5a87ee3536
b52a60e9b8b4e6fe7c329bc1a2bd2045251c1926 M      src

To be sure, I have tested this commit and the previous commit,
74259b98aab010d3062c5903770dc3067665b59e. And they really behave differently.

The entire git bisect log:

$ git bisect log
git bisect start
# good: [f57f37f3baea9cd9ca2b12c2b4eb1f7142ede48e] docs: Add 18.1.9 release
git bisect good f57f37f3baea9cd9ca2b12c2b4eb1f7142ede48e
# bad: [7378180e7aa652f3f95e4b953a552dcaf8fb8408] docs: update 18.2.0 release
git bisect bad 7378180e7aa652f3f95e4b953a552dcaf8fb8408
# bad: [3fc3798677545610f624c0887065e9cb6fcc6db2] spirv: Record the type of
git bisect bad 3fc3798677545610f624c0887065e9cb6fcc6db2
# bad: [e5130012e4b3b276ec80e11e9d79a69a3c3a5a4c] st/nir: Move
lower_deref_instrs later
git bisect bad e5130012e4b3b276ec80e11e9d79a69a3c3a5a4c
# bad: [d7d5aab45b4b24a89970df17c82c4e00393400d2] intel,ir3: Disable
git bisect bad d7d5aab45b4b24a89970df17c82c4e00393400d2
# bad: [f46ecdc44167b7c6eefac07a02c1e0f1bc41e04e] nir: Consider deref
instructions in opt_peephole_select
git bisect bad f46ecdc44167b7c6eefac07a02c1e0f1bc41e04e
# bad: [1e1733aaf06fe2aac62fe4c36d951ce09dc0dfbd] nir: Consider deref
instructions in lower_phis_to_scalar
git bisect bad 1e1733aaf06fe2aac62fe4c36d951ce09dc0dfbd
# bad: [775ef1338428d2f48bb606c1a3c06467d5948f36] nir: Support deref
instructions in lower_drawpixels
git bisect bad 775ef1338428d2f48bb606c1a3c06467d5948f36
# good: [6754c2e83d79f93b3a4c8c1c55ca4c5e3b965645] autotools: Include new meson
git bisect good 6754c2e83d79f93b3a4c8c1c55ca4c5e3b965645
# good: [09a6cb7be668a975a49f4c37fbffd58e47629b9f] docs: fix various html tags
git bisect good 09a6cb7be668a975a49f4c37fbffd58e47629b9f
# bad: [9cc577761ff1165e0b99d3ceaa936b342dea10b1] meson: Remove various
completed todos
git bisect bad 9cc577761ff1165e0b99d3ceaa936b342dea10b1
# good: [4ad8e2ac82d6dbc78dd39947d6b2914be169d0d9] doc: update calendar, add
news and link release notes for 18.1.1
git bisect good 4ad8e2ac82d6dbc78dd39947d6b2914be169d0d9
# good: [9d5860310d57db9b3aabf0c0e562130fb8dcce99] v3d: Enable the new NIR
bitfield operation lowering paths.
git bisect good 9d5860310d57db9b3aabf0c0e562130fb8dcce99
# bad: [37eb56d239986e2e7ca1c87d08fd357378a3a06e] autotools/meson: compile
against wayland-egl-*backend*
git bisect bad 37eb56d239986e2e7ca1c87d08fd357378a3a06e
# bad: [eeae4851494c16d2a6591550bfa6ef77d887ebe3] i965/screen: Refactor
git bisect bad eeae4851494c16d2a6591550bfa6ef77d887ebe3
# bad: [a363bb2cd0e2a141f2c60be005009703bffcbe4e] i965: Allocate VMA in
userspace for full-PPGTT systems.
git bisect bad a363bb2cd0e2a141f2c60be005009703bffcbe4e
# good: [44c614843c8785be57af06cc56208ad1497d05bc] intel/blorp: Don't vertex
fetch directly from clear values
git bisect good 44c614843c8785be57af06cc56208ad1497d05bc
# good: [1098bc5e854a1253e050fa30d16eda6ca676d4b3] nir: move ends_in_break()
helper to nir_loop_analyze.h
git bisect good 1098bc5e854a1253e050fa30d16eda6ca676d4b3
# good: [74259b98aab010d3062c5903770dc3067665b59e] intel/blorp: Emit VF cache
invalidates for 48-bit bugs with softpin.
git bisect good 74259b98aab010d3062c5903770dc3067665b59e
# first bad commit: [a363bb2cd0e2a141f2c60be005009703bffcbe4e] i965: Allocate
VMA in userspace for full-PPGTT systems.

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