[Bug 108820] [SKL] (recoverable) GPU hangs in benchmarks using compute shaders with drm-tip v4.20-rc kernels

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Wed Jan 9 21:50:13 UTC 2019


--- Comment #15 from Jakub Okoński <jakub at okonski.org> ---
I couldn't get the output of `INTEL_DEBUG=cs`, it returned an output once but I
lost due to terminal scrollback. No matter how many times I ran it again, it
never dumped the actual CS shader info.

I was successful when using `INTEL_DEBUG=cs,do32`, the combination of options
prints the expected output every time. It doesn't change when my program works
or crashes, so I hope that's OK.

So with the forced SIMD32 mode, codegen is still different and the issue
remains. I'm attaching both outputs below (do32-failing.txt and
do32-working.txt), here's the diff for generated native code:

 Native code for unnamed compute shader (null)
-SIMD32 shader: 496 instructions. 0 loops. 19586 cycles. 0:0 spills:fills.
Promoted 0 constants. Compacted 7936 to 6560 bytes (17%)
+SIMD32 shader: 498 instructions. 0 loops. 19586 cycles. 0:0 spills:fills.
Promoted 0 constants. Compacted 7968 to 6576 bytes (17%)
    START B0 (162 cycles)
 mov(8)          g4<1>UW         0x76543210V                     { align1
WE_all 1Q };
 mov(16)         g60<1>UD        g0.1<0,1,0>UD                   { align1 1H
compacted };
@@ -4354,16 +4354,18 @@
 add(16)         g63<1>D         g8<8,8,1>D      g1.5<0,1,0>D    { align1 2H };
 add(16)         g3<1>UW         g4<16,16,1>UW   0x0010UW        { align1
WE_all 1H };
 mov(16)         g58<1>D         g4<8,8,1>UW                     { align1 1H };
-shl(16)         g68<1>D         g55<8,8,1>D     0x00000006UD    { align1 1H };
-shl(16)         g46<1>D         g63<8,8,1>D     0x00000006UD    { align1 2H };
+mul(16)         g68<1>D         g55<8,8,1>D     65D             { align1 1H
compacted };
+mul(16)         g46<1>D         g63<8,8,1>D     65D             { align1 2H };
 shl(16)         g56<1>D         g2<0,1,0>D      0x00000005UD    { align1 1H };
 shl(16)         g64<1>D         g2<0,1,0>D      0x00000005UD    { align1 2H };
 mov(16)         g66<1>D         g3<8,8,1>UW                     { align1 2H };
 add(16)         g60<1>D         g58<8,8,1>D     g56<8,8,1>D     { align1 1H
compacted };
-and(16)         g62<1>UD        g60<8,8,1>UD    0x0000003fUD    { align1 1H
compacted };
+math intmod(8)  g62<1>UD        g60<8,8,1>UD    0x00000041UD    { align1 1Q
compacted };
+math intmod(8)  g63<1>UD        g61<8,8,1>UD    0x00000041UD    { align1 2Q
compacted };
 add.z.f0(16)    g76<1>D         g68<8,8,1>D     g62<8,8,1>D     { align1 1H
compacted };
 add(16)         g68<1>D         g66<8,8,1>D     g64<8,8,1>D     { align1 2H };
-and(16)         g70<1>UD        g68<8,8,1>UD    0x0000003fUD    { align1 2H };
+math intmod(8)  g70<1>UD        g68<8,8,1>UD    0x00000041UD    { align1 3Q };
+math intmod(8)  g71<1>UD        g69<8,8,1>UD    0x00000041UD    { align1 4Q };
 add.z.f0(16)    g50<1>D         g46<8,8,1>D     g70<8,8,1>D     { align1 2H };
 (+f0) if(32)    JIP: 416        UIP: 416                        { align1 };
    END B0 ->B1 ->B2

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