[Bug 109304] GfxBench AztecRuins Vulkan version Segfault

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Fri Jan 11 11:30:42 UTC 2019


--- Comment #2 from Lionel Landwerlin <lionel.g.landwerlin at linux.intel.com> ---
Problem here is that there is a cast between texture instruction and the
variable :

        vec1 32 ssa_72 = deref_var &shadow_map (uniform sampler2DShadow) 
        vec1 32 ssa_73 = deref_cast (sampler2DShadow *)ssa_72 (function
        vec2 32 ssa_74 = vec2 ssa_57, ssa_58
        vec1 32 ssa_75 = tex ssa_73 (texture_deref), ssa_73 (sampler_deref),
ssa_74 (coord), ssa_59 (comparator), 

But the nir_deref_instr_get_variable() will stop on a cast and return NULL.
Maybe Jason has more background on what to do here?

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