[Bug 109404] [ANV] The Witcher 3 shadows flickering

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--- Comment #11 from nagrigoriadis at gmail.com ---
Its in the town of Crow's Perch in Velen.
Go to the Crow's Perch signpost, just go north over the long bridge into the
village there. The save was at night (and raining), but I see artefacts all the
way going up to the Manor house at the top.

All settings at low, except for texture resolution to medium. (but it happens
for me in low). No manual changes in config filed. Using a UHD620 as well.

I just tested it with Mesa 18.2.8, and had the same issues (Only noticeable
difference was that it ran much slower).

I then deleted both the mesa shader cache and the witcher3.dxvk-cache in case
there was an issue from there, but the issue persists.

So I have had this happen with:
* Mesa 18.2.8
* Mesa 18.3.2
* Mesa git (worst)
* Mesa git + revert of 3561108de089f383bb7733eaf49e3d517994b51c

The unpatched Mesa git is by far the worst, but the issues manifest themselves
as either the same, or very similar.

I wonder if the constant folding/lowering only just made a certain bug trigger
much more often?

Or the issue could be due to something else altogether on my system.

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