[Bug 109404] [ANV] The Witcher 3 shadows flickering

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--- Comment #13 from Danylo <danylo.piliaiev at gmail.com> ---
> I wonder if the constant folding/lowering only just made a certain bug trigger much more often?

Yes, looks like it.

After staring at shader in RenderDoc I found that something wrong with 1-bit
boolean optimizations.

Commenting out 

(('bcsel', a, -1, 0), ('ineg', ('b2i', 'a at 1'))),

in src/compiler/nir/nir_opt_algebraic.py solves the issue, this optimization is
part of optimizations for 1-bit booleans introduced in:

nir/algebraic: Add some optimizations for D3D-style Booleans 

I have some doubts that this exact optimization is a root of the issue but
still it's near enough.

So in the shader there is next contruction:

 vec4 _893 = shader_in[4];
 _893.x = uintBitsToFloat(gl_FrontFacing ? 4294967295u : 0u);
 shader_in[4] = _893;


 _613.x = uintBitsToFloat((0u >= floatBitsToUint(shader_in[4].x)) ? 4294967295u
: 0u);
    r1 = _613;
    if (floatBitsToUint(r1.x) != 0u)
        // Something that happens when it should not

When problematic optimization kicks in - it is reduced to:

        vec1 32 ssa_14 = intrinsic load_front_face () ()
        vec1 32 ssa_15 = b2i32 ssa_14
        vec1 32 ssa_16 = imov -ssa_15


        vec1 32 ssa_200 = uge32 ssa_1, ssa_16
        /* succs: block_1 block_2 */
        if ssa_200 {
                block block_1:

And without it:

        vec1 32 ssa_14 = intrinsic load_front_face () ()


        vec1 32 ssa_198 = inot ssa_14
        /* succs: block_1 block_2 */
        if ssa_198 {
                block block_1:

The first one is incorrect, I was unable to find how it happens today.
I'll attach shader and the resulted NIR.

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