[Bug 110685] [Intel GFX CI] spec at glsl-1.50@execution at texelfetchoffset@gs-sampler2drect - fail

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--- Comment #17 from Denis <denys.kostin at globallogic.com> ---
to be honest, I don't have any ideas.

In this table you may find results for my test runs. Short information:

1. Script ran test suite with all texelFetch cases 1000 times
2. Script was ran on 5 kernel versions - drm-tip (from 05.17), kernel 5.17,
kernel 4.18 and kernel 4.9
3. For all kernels was used mesa version 19.1.0 (from git)
4. For 4.9 kernel also was checked mesa 17.3.6

I didn't see any combination with mesa+kernel where all tests (during all 1000
runs in a row) would be passed, so can't suppose that it may be regression.

List of cases which were randomly failed (details about failures in the google
doc table):

spec at arb_texture_multisample@texelfetch at 4-gs-sampler2dmsarray
spec at glsl-1.50@execution at texelfetch@gs-texelfetch-sampler3d
spec at glsl-1.50@execution at texelfetch@gs-texelfetch-sampler2drect
spec at arb_texture_multisample@texelfetch at 2-gs-isampler2dmsarray
spec at glsl-1.50@execution at texelfetch@gs-texelfetch-isampler2drect
spec at arb_texture_multisample@texelfetch at 4-gs-usampler2dmsarray

Checking these test cases now => @tex-miplevel-selection

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