[Bug 110855] gbm_bo_map fails on i915 when *map_data is not NULL before call

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(In reply to M Stoeckl from comment #0)
> Created attachment 144477 [details]
> Test case, compile with gcc -lgbm
> The documentation for the function gbm_bo_map in src/gbm/main/gbm.c states
> that the argument void** map_data is a "Returned opaque ptr for the mapped
> region". Contrary to convention for a return value, if *map_data is not
> NULL, and the DRI i965 driver is used, then gbm_bo_map fails. 
> The value of *map_data is checked by intel_map_image in
> src/mesa/drivers/dri/i965/intel_screen.c (line 823 in today's git master).

Notably this happens with gallium drivers as well as the same check is done in
dri2_map_image (src/gallium/state_trackers/dri/dri2.c) so the bug is against
all drivers. I'm not sure why the check is there, AFAICT dri interface does not
document anything special on such case.

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