✓ Ro.CI.BAT: success for series starting with [01/25] drm/i915: Preserve current RPS frequency across init

Patchwork patchwork at emeril.freedesktop.org
Sat Jun 25 10:01:01 UTC 2016

== Series Details ==

Series: series starting with [01/25] drm/i915: Preserve current RPS frequency across init
URL   : https://patchwork.freedesktop.org/series/9159/
State : success

== Summary ==

Series 9159v1 Series without cover letter

Test drv_module_reload_basic:
                dmesg-warn -> PASS       (ro-byt-n2820)
Test gem_exec_flush:
        Subgroup basic-batch-kernel-default-cmd:
                fail       -> PASS       (ro-byt-n2820)
        Subgroup basic-uc-pro-default:
                fail       -> PASS       (ro-byt-n2820)
Test kms_pipe_crc_basic:
        Subgroup suspend-read-crc-pipe-a:
                dmesg-warn -> SKIP       (ro-bdw-i5-5250u)
        Subgroup suspend-read-crc-pipe-c:
                dmesg-warn -> SKIP       (ro-bdw-i5-5250u)

fi-hsw-i7-4770k  total:229  pass:194  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:2   skip:33 
fi-skl-i5-6260u  total:229  pass:202  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:2   skip:25 
fi-skl-i7-6700k  total:229  pass:187  dwarn:0   dfail:1   fail:2   skip:39 
fi-snb-i7-2600   total:229  pass:174  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:2   skip:53 
ro-bdw-i5-5250u  total:227  pass:201  dwarn:2   dfail:1   fail:1   skip:22 
ro-bdw-i7-5600u  total:227  pass:189  dwarn:0   dfail:1   fail:0   skip:37 
ro-bsw-n3050     total:227  pass:177  dwarn:0   dfail:1   fail:1   skip:48 
ro-byt-n2820     total:227  pass:179  dwarn:0   dfail:1   fail:2   skip:45 
ro-hsw-i3-4010u  total:227  pass:194  dwarn:0   dfail:1   fail:1   skip:31 
ro-hsw-i7-4770r  total:227  pass:194  dwarn:0   dfail:1   fail:1   skip:31 
ro-ilk-i7-620lm  total:227  pass:154  dwarn:0   dfail:1   fail:2   skip:70 
ro-ilk1-i5-650   total:222  pass:154  dwarn:0   dfail:1   fail:2   skip:65 
ro-ivb-i7-3770   total:227  pass:185  dwarn:0   dfail:1   fail:1   skip:40 
ro-ivb2-i7-3770  total:227  pass:189  dwarn:0   dfail:1   fail:1   skip:36 
ro-skl3-i5-6260u total:227  pass:205  dwarn:1   dfail:1   fail:1   skip:19 
ro-snb-i7-2620M  total:227  pass:178  dwarn:0   dfail:1   fail:1   skip:47 
fi-kbl-qkkr failed to connect after reboot
ro-bdw-i7-5557U failed to connect after reboot

Results at /archive/results/CI_IGT_test/RO_Private_203/

5c244f4 drm-intel-nightly: 2016y-06m-24d-15h-17m-32s UTC integration manifest
977a57d drm/i915: Remove debug noise on detecting fault-injection of missed interrupts
15a8c2b drm/i915: Simplify enabling user-interrupts with L3-remapping
d01af83 drm/i915: Move the get/put irq locking into the caller
8ef7003 drm/i915: Embed signaling node into the GEM request
cc0997ad drm/i915: Convert trace-irq to the breadcrumb waiter
30939cc drm/i915: Only query timestamp when measuring elapsed time
c1886e3 drm/i915: Stop setting wraparound seqno on initialisation
d9622dc drm/i915: Only apply one barrier after a breadcrumb interrupt is posted
104683a drm/i915: Check the CPU cached value in HWS of seqno after waking the waiter
064c60a drm/i915: Add a delay between interrupt and inspecting the final seqno (ilk)
7055641 drm/i915: Refactor scratch object allocation for gen2 w/a buffer
ec98a67 drm/i915: Allocate scratch page from stolen
166ac2d drm/i915: Stop mapping the scratch page into CPU space
41ce356 drm/i915: Use HWS for seqno tracking everywhere
a2aa9b4 drm/i915: Spin after waking up for an interrupt
a96b186 drm/i915: Slaughter the thundering i915_wait_request herd
d175b35 drm/i915: Separate GPU hang waitqueue from advance
4176e69 drm/i915: Make queueing the hangcheck work inline
df0fee8 drm/i915: Remove the dedicated hangcheck workqueue
a9c288b drm/i915: Delay queuing hangcheck to wait-request
2c22e6e drm/i915/shrinker: Flush active on objects before counting
46221e4 drm: Restore double clflush on the last partial cacheline
db77672 drm/i915: Defer enabling rc6 til after we submit the first batch/context
1f1e34a drm/i915: Remove superfluous powersave work flushing
a48ff54 drm/i915: Preserve current RPS frequency across init

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