[PATCH v2 00/21] Rework page flip, remove cs flips, async unpin and unified pageflip.

Maarten Lankhorst maarten.lankhorst at linux.intel.com
Tue May 17 12:26:39 UTC 2016

Connector lifetime patches forced a rethinking for handling connectors.
Instead of flushing modesets from the connector destroy function this
meant destroying the connector state inside the unpin_work function,
similar to the other states destroyed there. This is only done if the
state is actually needed.

Some minor updates have been done to clean up the mmio page flip
completion, they're now separated from cs flip completion.

Convert flip_work to a list has been reworked to incorporate the
feedback. It should now probably work with multiple flips without
waiting, but we don't currently allow it and it needs some more
patches to support. It's still used for legacy cursor updates.

Maarten Lankhorst (21):
  drm/core: Add drm_accurate_vblank_count, v5.
  drm/i915: Remove stallcheck special handling, v3.
  drm/i915: Remove intel_finish_page_flip_plane.
  drm/i915: Remove intel_prepare_page_flip, v3.
  drm/i915: Add support for detecting vblanks when hw frame counter is
  drm/i915: Unify unpin_work and mmio_work into flip_work, v2.
  Revert "drm/i915: Avoid stalling on pending flips for legacy cursor
  drm/i915: Allow mmio updates on all platforms, v2.
  drm/i915: Convert flip_work to a list.
  drm/i915: Add the exclusive fence to plane_state.
  drm/i915: Rework intel_crtc_page_flip to be almost atomic, v3.
  drm/i915: Remove cs based page flip support.
  drm/i915: Remove use_mmio_flip kernel parameter.
  drm/i915: Remove queue_flip pointer.
  drm/i915: Remove reset_counter from intel_crtc.
  drm/i915: Pass atomic states to fbc update functions.
  drm/i915: Prepare connectors for nonblocking checks.
  drm/i915: Make unpin async.
  Reapply "drm/i915: Avoid stalling on pending flips for legacy cursor
  drm/i915: Check for unpin correctness.
  drm/i915: Allow async update of pageflips.

 drivers/gpu/drm/drm_irq.c                 |   31 +
 drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_debugfs.c       |   93 +-
 drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_drv.h           |    5 -
 drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_irq.c           |  142 +--
 drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_params.c        |    5 -
 drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_params.h        |    1 -
 drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_atomic.c       |   11 +
 drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_atomic_plane.c |    1 +
 drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_display.c      | 1725 +++++++++--------------------
 drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_drv.h          |   68 +-
 drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_fbc.c          |   39 +-
 drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_lrc.c          |    4 +-
 drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_sprite.c       |   16 +-
 include/drm/drmP.h                        |    1 +
 14 files changed, 742 insertions(+), 1400 deletions(-)


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