✗ Fi.CI.BAT: failure for series starting with [v5,01/23] drm/i915/gen9: Separate RPS and RC6 handling

Patchwork patchwork at emeril.freedesktop.org
Sat Oct 22 11:46:36 UTC 2016

== Series Details ==

Series: series starting with [v5,01/23] drm/i915/gen9: Separate RPS and RC6 handling
URL   : https://patchwork.freedesktop.org/series/14200/
State : failure

== Summary ==

Series 14200v1 Series without cover letter

Test drv_module_reload_basic:
                pass       -> DMESG-WARN (fi-skl-6700hq)
                pass       -> DMESG-WARN (fi-skl-6770hq)
Test gem_exec_suspend:
        Subgroup basic-s3:
                dmesg-warn -> PASS       (fi-skl-6700hq)
                pass       -> DMESG-WARN (fi-skl-6770hq)
Test kms_frontbuffer_tracking:
        Subgroup basic:
                pass       -> FAIL       (fi-skl-6770hq)
Test kms_pipe_crc_basic:
        Subgroup suspend-read-crc-pipe-a:
                dmesg-warn -> PASS       (fi-skl-6700hq)
        Subgroup suspend-read-crc-pipe-b:
                dmesg-warn -> PASS       (fi-skl-6700hq)
        Subgroup suspend-read-crc-pipe-c:
                dmesg-warn -> PASS       (fi-skl-6700hq)

fi-bdw-5557u     total:246  pass:231  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:15 
fi-bsw-n3050     total:246  pass:204  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:42 
fi-bxt-t5700     total:246  pass:216  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:30 
fi-byt-j1900     total:246  pass:215  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:31 
fi-byt-n2820     total:246  pass:211  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:35 
fi-hsw-4770      total:246  pass:224  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:22 
fi-hsw-4770r     total:246  pass:224  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:22 
fi-ilk-650       total:246  pass:185  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:1   skip:60 
fi-ivb-3520m     total:246  pass:221  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:25 
fi-ivb-3770      total:246  pass:221  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:25 
fi-kbl-7200u     total:246  pass:222  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:24 
fi-skl-6260u     total:246  pass:232  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:14 
fi-skl-6700hq    total:246  pass:222  dwarn:1   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:23 
fi-skl-6700k     total:246  pass:222  dwarn:1   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:23 
fi-skl-6770hq    total:246  pass:229  dwarn:2   dfail:0   fail:1   skip:14 
fi-snb-2520m     total:246  pass:210  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:36 
fi-snb-2600      total:246  pass:209  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:37 

Results at /archive/results/CI_IGT_test/Trybot_230/

b04b19cd9268a3ce2d406fbe42d4cfac9f962871 drm-intel-nightly: 2016y-10m-22d-08h-48m-58s UTC integration manifest
49a22cb drm/i915/slpc: Enable SLPC, where supported
3cd13e0 drm/i915/slpc: Add Broxton SLPC support
a55763b drm/i915/slpc: Add SKL SLPC Support
384be18 drm/i915/slpc: Don't clear RP_CONTROL while disabling rps
2557b35 drm/i915/slpc: Preserve min/max frequency softlimits on re-activation
2d1ebd0 drm/i915/slpc: Only Enable GTPERF Task, Disable other tasks/parameters
8ebc0d8 drm/i915/slpc: Add i915_slpc_info to debugfs
91ae16e drm/i915/slpc: Add enable/disable controls for slpc tasks
afb5ba8 drm/i915/slpc: Add slpc support for min/max frequency control
2ccbf4a drm/i915/slpc: Add parameter unset/set/get functions
3528821 drm/i915/slpc: Send shutdown event
b620bba drm/i915/slpc: Send reset event
1282d98 drm/i915/slpc: Add slpc communication interfaces
d70cc17 drm/i915/slpc: Update debugfs interfaces for frequency parameters
3ac4aec drm/i915/slpc: Allocate/Release/Initialize SLPC shared data
92c64e9 drm/i915/slpc: If using SLPC, do not set frequency
77bf078 drm/i915/slpc: Enable SLPC in GuC if supported
c7a78ab drm/i915/slpc: Use intel_slpc_* functions if supported
2b51fbb drm/i915/slpc: Sanitize GuC version
30b55c1 drm/i915/slpc: Add enable_slpc module parameter
45b92da drm/i915/slpc: Add has_slpc capability flag
0483287 drm/i915/slpc: Expose GuC functions for use with SLPC
39035d1 drm/i915/gen9: Separate RPS and RC6 handling

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