✗ Fi.CI.BAT: failure for series starting with [1/6] drm/i915/gem: Include PIN_GLOBAL prior to using I915_DISPATCH_SECURE

Patchwork patchwork at emeril.freedesktop.org
Fri Apr 10 22:42:05 UTC 2020

== Series Details ==

Series: series starting with [1/6] drm/i915/gem: Include PIN_GLOBAL prior to using I915_DISPATCH_SECURE
URL   : https://patchwork.freedesktop.org/series/75818/
State : failure

== Summary ==

CI Bug Log - changes from CI_DRM_8291 -> Trybot_5843



  Serious unknown changes coming with Trybot_5843 absolutely need to be
  verified manually.
  If you think the reported changes have nothing to do with the changes
  introduced in Trybot_5843, please notify your bug team to allow them
  to document this new failure mode, which will reduce false positives in CI.

  External URL: https://intel-gfx-ci.01.org/tree/drm-tip/Trybot_5843/index.html

Possible new issues

  Here are the unknown changes that may have been introduced in Trybot_5843:

### IGT changes ###

#### Possible regressions ####

  * igt at i915_selftest@live at execlists:
    - fi-icl-y:           [PASS][1] -> [INCOMPLETE][2]
   [1]: https://intel-gfx-ci.01.org/tree/drm-tip/CI_DRM_8291/fi-icl-y/igt@i915_selftest@live@execlists.html
   [2]: https://intel-gfx-ci.01.org/tree/drm-tip/Trybot_5843/fi-icl-y/igt@i915_selftest@live@execlists.html

Known issues

  Here are the changes found in Trybot_5843 that come from known issues:

### IGT changes ###

#### Possible fixes ####

  * {igt at gem_wait@wait at all}:
    - fi-bsw-kefka:       [FAIL][3] -> [PASS][4]
   [3]: https://intel-gfx-ci.01.org/tree/drm-tip/CI_DRM_8291/fi-bsw-kefka/igt@gem_wait@wait@all.html
   [4]: https://intel-gfx-ci.01.org/tree/drm-tip/Trybot_5843/fi-bsw-kefka/igt@gem_wait@wait@all.html

  {name}: This element is suppressed. This means it is ignored when computing
          the status of the difference (SUCCESS, WARNING, or FAILURE).

Participating hosts (50 -> 45)

  Additional (1): fi-kbl-r 
  Missing    (6): fi-ilk-m540 fi-hsw-4200u fi-byt-squawks fi-bsw-cyan fi-byt-clapper fi-bdw-samus 

Build changes

  * CI: CI-20190529 -> None
  * Linux: CI_DRM_8291 -> Trybot_5843

  CI-20190529: 20190529
  CI_DRM_8291: ef6b9e8bc3134d7261f080ceb5158b16447a4793 @ git://anongit.freedesktop.org/gfx-ci/linux
  IGT_5587: 628878f89c61fd628c4a65076f634b099d360b85 @ git://anongit.freedesktop.org/xorg/app/intel-gpu-tools
  Trybot_5843: 2fbcc6ca02a34eec7bd71041a64a79a9753e1b52 @ git://anongit.freedesktop.org/gfx-ci/linux

== Linux commits ==

2fbcc6ca02a3 drm/i915/gem: Bind the fence async for execbuf
1a707a1cb4d6 drm/i915/gem: Asynchronous GTT unbinding
2d8610f481b3 drm/i915/gem: Separate the ww_mutex walker into its own list
cda655d4d5f1 drm/i915: Export a preallocate variant of i915_active_acquire()
625b959bf453 drm/i915/gem: Assign context id for async work
da1af914f31b drm/i915/gem: Include PIN_GLOBAL prior to using I915_DISPATCH_SECURE

== Logs ==

For more details see: https://intel-gfx-ci.01.org/tree/drm-tip/Trybot_5843/index.html

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