[Intel-gfx] testing for quarterly release (2008-07)

Jin, Gordon gordon.jin at intel.com
Tue Aug 5 05:05:23 CEST 2008

The Fungi wrote on Sunday, August 03, 2008 1:21 PM:
> On Tue, Jul 01, 2008 at 04:37:23PM +0800, Jin, Gordon wrote:
>> I believe your testing would contribute to the quality for the final
>> release. Below testing will be especially appreciated: [...] -- HDMI
>> xf86-video-intel 2.4 provides HDMI support for both integrated HDMI
>> and SDVO HDMI. So for people using Asus P5E-VM G35 board (with SDVO
>> HDMI), please give it a try.
> [...]
> So far so good (I would have tried earlier but turns out a PCI-E
> riser in my system was silently disabling/overriding my HDMI
> interface). I'm only effectively able to test 640x480 to my HDTV
> because I suspect the driver needs an EDID quirk for it. With an ATI
> Radeon and a DVI->HDMI cable I was successfully using:
> Section "Device"
>    Identifier      "ATI Radeon 9000/RV250"
>    Driver          "ati"
>    Option          "IgnoreEDID" "on"
> EndSection
> Section "Monitor"
>    Identifier      "Sony KDF-60XS955 HDTV"
>    HorizSync       15-46
>    VertRefresh     59-61
>    DisplaySize     320 180
>    Mode "1280x720"
>       DotClock  74.25
>       HTimings  1280 1320 1376 1650
>       VTimings  720 722 728 750
>    EndMode
>    Option          "PreferredMode" "1280x720"
> EndSection
> Key here is that I have to override EDID checking because this HDTV
> only claims support for 480p and 1080i for some reason, but its
> native resolution is actually 720p. Trying IgnoreEDID (or NoEDID for
> the DDC module) with the intel driver didn't keep it from believing
> EDID according to the log, and I see in the list archives that
> adding a quirk in the driver is the preferred solution anyway.
> Should I file a bug report requesting this? Granted, the timings I
> used are probably not optimal as I had to recenter the image through
> my television's service menus. Here's what my EDID looks like:

Yes, filing a bug report will be easy for us to track it down. Please
use the template on
Thanks for your effort.

- Gordon

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