[Intel-gfx] XvMC not working on G45

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Thu Dec 11 15:01:24 CET 2008


I'm new on that list because I just bought a new motherboard including a

I want to use my pc as a media center, plugged to a tv in 1080p, with HDTV,
using VDR.

I'm using the drm-intel-next branch kernel, I installed the 2.5.1
xf86-video-intel driver and I installed mesa from git.

Everything compiles and installs well.

But when I launch X, XvMC does not load, so my hd video do not run very
well. So is my hdtv.

Here are the incriminated lines from my Xorg.0.log
(**) intel(0): Option "XvMC" "true"
(II) intel(0): Integrated Graphics Chipset: Intel(R) G45/G43
(**) intel(0): Intel XvMC decoder enabled
Failed to probe XvMC driver.
(II) intel(0): direct rendering: Enabled
(WW) intel(0): Option "TexturedVideo" is not used
(WW) intel(0): Option "XvMCSurfaces" is not used

It seems that it can't find libIntelXvMC.so
I tried several values in XvMCConfig

The file is present in /usr/lib/

What can I do ? What did I miss?

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