[Intel-gfx] Intel Driver 2D Performance

marc.schnabel at mbtech-group.com marc.schnabel at mbtech-group.com
Fri Apr 3 09:50:33 CEST 2009

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with my 2D performance since I switched from Debian Etch 
to Debian Lenny. On Etch, the performance was really great, but with Lenny 
it dropped about 40%. When you turn the picture, it is even worse. I used 
the same benchmark (mainly drawing circles and lines using classic 2D API) 
on Windows, and the performance was at least better when turned 90°.

I tried anything I could think of to solve the problem, changing 
acceleration modes (EXA, XAA), the "Options" described in the Intel driver 
manpage, I even tried Intel's closed source Linux driver (IEGD) for Linux, 
but it did not work with the Kernel 2.6.26 (AFAIK because of changes in 
the AGP module).

Does anyone have an idea how to improve graphics performance on Debian 
Lenny with the GMA 945?

Best Regards,

P.S.: My benchmark's results:

Normal picture
Etch :80
Lenny: 55
WinXP: 40

Turned 90°
Etch: 50
Lenny: 12

GTK-Perf: (maximized, 500 cycles)

Etch: 41,59
Lenny: 60,32

Etch: 77,36
Lenny: 413,73

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