[Intel-gfx] XVideo size limit a problem when the screen is rotated

Simon Farnsworth simon.farnsworth at onelan.com
Thu Apr 9 13:06:10 CEST 2009


Barry Scott and I are hitting a limit with XVideo and rotated displays.
For background, our screens are typically 1360x768 or 1920x1080.

When we're in landscape mode, the XVideo limit of 1920x1088 is not a
problem; the largest video we wish to play is 1920x1080.

However, when we rotate the screen by 90 or 270 degrees (to get a
portrait screen), we run into problems. The display is now 768x1360, or
1080x1920, but the XVideo limit remains at 1920x1088; this clips our
video to either 768x1088, or 1080x1088.

I've looked at i830_video.c, and noted the comment about the bigrequests
limit, which implies we can't simply raise the XVideo size to 2000x2000
and be done with it. I'm also not entirely clear on how I'd swap the two
limits around when we rotate; 1088x1920 limit when at 90 or 270 degrees
would suit us.

How hard would it be to cope with an XvPutImage split across multiple
requests? Does the server already combine the image for us, or would we
need to do that? Failing that, how would we rearrange the limits to
match the current screen rotation?

We're using 945 and 965 chipsets, so need a solution that works for
both, and our video player is using XShm to store the image.
Simon Farnsworth

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