[Intel-gfx] KMS, GEM and 2.6.30-rc1

Claudio M. Camacho claudiomkd at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 15:56:11 CEST 2009

On Thursday 09 April 2009 10:03:46 Jake wrote:
> I am currently running 2.6.29, KMS on GM45, and it's pretty stable.
> To get things
> working I needed to add the following boot flag:
> i915.modeset=1
> Otherwise I would get corrupted terminals and could not exit X
> without freezing.

Well, I am, of course, using i915.modeset=1 and my configuration is the 
same as yours, pretty much empty, apart from the UXA accel method. But 
still, X hangs as soon as KDM is started. In fact, even if I just boot 
without KDM and run Xorg or xinit or startx, X hangs in the same way.

Furthermore, and as I already explained in my first email, even with 
modesetting enabled, I see an annoying mode switch when I run Xorg (or 
xinit or startx) before the hang. And, if it helps, the computer totally 
freezes, not just X (even power button does not do anything, which means 
acpid is also dead).

If nobody has a clue, I will have to file a bug, since this has been 
happening for two months already.

Claudio M. Camacho

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