[Intel-gfx] [PATCH] Release front buffer bo when quit X

Shuang He shuang.he at intel.com
Fri Apr 10 09:35:22 CEST 2009

As I checked X with valgrind, a memory leak is detected when quit X.

==23357== 0 bytes in 1 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 1 of 116
==23357==    at 0x55A962F: drm_intel_gem_bo_alloc_internal 
==23357==    by 0x55A5192: drm_intel_bo_alloc (intel_bufmgr.c:51)
==23357==    by 0x55459CC: i830_allocate_memory (i830_memory.c:829)
==23357==    by 0x55463F5: i830_allocate_framebuffer (i830_memory.c:1268)
==23357==    by 0x556F786: drmmode_xf86crtc_resize (drmmode_display.c:674)
==23357==    by 0x816F530: xf86RandR12ScreenSetSize (xf86RandR12.c:705)
==23357==    by 0x816FC10: xf86RandR12CreateScreenResources 
==23357==    by 0x80A225F: xf86CrtcCreateScreenResources (xf86Crtc.c:708)
==23357==    by 0x8064BD0: main (main.c:324)

The attached patch would fix that.

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