[Intel-gfx] [ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel 2.7.0

Vasily Khoruzhick anarsoul at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 13:35:16 CEST 2009

On Thursday 16 April 2009 04:29:33 Carl Worth wrote:
> We are pleased to announce a major 2.7.0 release of xf86-video-intel
> (after three previous release candidates).
> Compared to the 2.6 series, 2.7.0 has a large number of bug fixes, (see
> the list below), but also a few significant features, such as:
>         SDVO-TV support, available on ADD2 card (bug#9992) and
>         D945GCLF2 board (bug#17776).
>         Basic SDVO-LVDS support
>         XV video display without tearing
>         [Though this isn't working for all users yet, see
>         https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=21076 ]
>         Various fixes for UXA, DRI2, and Kernel modesetting.
> We encourage users to use kernel modesetting and UXA acceleration with
> this release, which should give the best performance and
> robustness. When KMS is available, UXA is the default acceleration
> used by the driver, (EXA is the default otherwise).

With latest xf86-video-intel, latest kernel (with patch to enable tiling on 
a17-affected machines), without kms enabled, I've got following message in 

BUG: scheduling while atomic: X/8090/0x10000002                                                                                       
Modules linked in: i915 ipv6 snd_seq_oss snd_seq_midi_event snd_seq 
snd_seq_device snd_pcm_oss snd_mixer_oss irda cpufreq_conservative 
cpufreq_powersave cpufreq_ondemand acpi_cpufreq freq_table udf crc_itu_t 
coretemp vfat fat rfcomm l2cap bluetooth drm i2c_algo_bit cfbcopyarea 
cfbimgblt cfbfillrect ppp_async crc_ccitt ppp_generic slhc 
snd_hda_codec_analog sdhci_pci sdhci snd_hda_intel processor snd_hda_codec 
mmc_core snd_hwdep iwl3945 snd_pcm iwlcore rfkill snd_timer mac80211 snd 
soundcore snd_page_alloc yenta_socket 8139too rsrc_nonstatic thermal 
thermal_sys led_class i2c_i801 cfg80211 hwmon battery ac button pcmcia_core 
joydev evdev fuse nfs lockd sunrpc jfs scsi_wait_scan ohci1394 ieee1394 usbhid 
ohci_hcd uhci_hcd usb_storage hid ehci_hcd usbcore sr_mod cdrom sata_via                       
Pid: 8090, comm: X Tainted: G       AW  2.6.30-rc1-git7-anarsoul #1                                                                   
Call Trace:                                                                                                                           
 [<c03bc13e>] ? __schedule+0x8e/0x960                                                                                                 
 [<c0173b0d>] ? __pagevec_free+0x1d/0x30                                                                                              
 [<c03bca1f>] ? schedule+0xf/0x30                                                                                                     
 [<c0127cb3>] ? __cond_resched+0x13/0x30                                                                                              
 [<c03bcb0d>] ? _cond_resched+0x2d/0x40                                                                                               
 [<c0177e11>] ? truncate_inode_pages_range+0x141/0x360                                                                                
 [<c017bda0>] ? shmem_delete_inode+0x0/0xd0                                                                                           
 [<c0178047>] ? truncate_inode_pages+0x17/0x20                                                                                        
 [<c017bdf2>] ? shmem_delete_inode+0x52/0xd0                                                                                          
 [<c017bda0>] ? shmem_delete_inode+0x0/0xd0                                                                                           
 [<c01ad258>] ? generic_delete_inode+0x78/0x120                                                                                       
 [<c0266157>] ? _atomic_dec_and_lock+0x47/0x70                                                                                        
 [<c01ac4d4>] ? iput+0x44/0x50                                                                                                        
 [<c01a9a52>] ? d_kill+0x32/0x60                                                                                                      
 [<c01aa17e>] ? dput+0x6e/0x120                                                                                                       
 [<c019acca>] ? __fput+0x11a/0x1a0                                                                                                    
 [<f8942d29>] ? drm_gem_object_free+0x29/0x60 [drm]                                                                                   
 [<f8942d00>] ? drm_gem_object_free+0x0/0x60 [drm]                                                                                    
 [<c02686bb>] ? kref_put+0x2b/0x80                                                                                                    
 [<f899a68f>] ? i915_gem_retire_requests+0x14f/0x160 [i915]                                                                           
 [<f899b1bb>] ? i915_gem_busy_ioctl+0x3b/0xb0 [i915]                                                                                  
 [<f894172c>] ? drm_ioctl+0x10c/0x360 [drm]                                                                                           
 [<c016de8c>] ? find_get_page+0x2c/0xe0                                                                                               
 [<f899b180>] ? i915_gem_busy_ioctl+0x0/0xb0 [i915]                                                                                   
 [<c01b668c>] ? __mark_inode_dirty+0x5c/0x190                                                                                         
 [<c01b04f5>] ? mnt_drop_write+0x55/0x130                                                                                             
 [<c0181907>] ? __do_fault+0x1d7/0x3c0                                                                                                
 [<c01a6e10>] ? vfs_ioctl+0x80/0x90                                                                                                   
 [<c01a6e9b>] ? do_vfs_ioctl+0x7b/0x590                                                                                               
 [<c018356f>] ? handle_mm_fault+0x12f/0x610                                                                                           
 [<c019a4d7>] ? vfs_read+0x107/0x140                                                                                                  
 [<c01a7434>] ? sys_ioctl+0x84/0x90                                                                                                   
 [<c0102f74>] ? sysenter_do_call+0x12/0x26                                                                                            

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