[Intel-gfx] Several regressions in KMS vs UMS mode

Zhenyu Wang zhenyuw at linux.intel.com
Fri Dec 4 03:19:21 CET 2009

On 2009.12.03 21:48:15 +1100, Robert Lowery wrote:
> 2)  My CRT TV which is attached via component video no longer comes up in
> 576p mode as specified in xorg.conf (I have tried specifying both "TV
> Format" and "mode" options)
> 3) Margin settings in xorg.conf for the same TV are being ignored.

Actually the TV mode and margin setting is already exposed in KMS,
as you can see from your xrandr --verbose below. So changing with output
property should work for you.

> xrandr -d :0 --verbose
> TV1 connected 1024x768+0+0 (0x47) normal (normal left inverted right x
> axis y axis) 0mm x 0mm
>         bottom margin: 37 (0x00000025)  range:  (0,100)
>         right margin: 46 (0x0000002e)   range:  (0,100)
>         top margin: 36 (0x00000024)     range:  (0,100)
>         left margin: 54 (0x00000036)    range:  (0,100)
>         mode:   NTSC-M
>                 supported: NTSC-M       NTSC-443     NTSC-J       PAL-M
>                            PAL-N        PAL          480p at 59.94Hz 480p at 60Hz
>                            576p         720p at 60Hz    720p at 59.94Hz 720p at 50Hz
>                            1080i at 50Hz   1080i at 60Hz   1080i at 59.94H

The only thing left is to keep on recognizing the xorg.conf option in KMS.
It should be easy to be fixed. And we might check if there's any other origin
options need to be taken care for KMS.

Open Source Technology Center, Intel ltd.

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