[Intel-gfx] Tearing With DRI2 on GMA 4500MHD

William Swartzendruber wswartzendruber at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 4 05:29:32 CET 2009


I'm experiencing issues with tearing on my machine.

ThinkPad T400
X Server 1.6 RC2
X.Org Driver 2.6.1
Compiz 0.7.8

My xorg.conf is minimal and contains the following:
Section "Device"
    Identifier    "Intel GMA 4500MHD"
    Driver      "intel"
    Option        "AccelMethod"    "UXA"

Compiz is set to sync to VBlank, but it tears.  The only thing that doesn't tear is EXA+GL.  But EXA+XV, UXA+GL, and UXA+XV all tear.  UXA tears regardless of whether it's running inside Compiz or not.

Now with these problems mentioned, I would like to thank everyone who's helped create DRI2, GEM, and UXA.  I've waited over two years for RDR, and it has been worth that wait.

Thank you,

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