[Intel-gfx] Re; [intel-gfx] Question about GM45, GEM and KMS

Claudio M. Camacho claudiomkd at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 07:05:30 CET 2009

>working. Actually, the system boots perfectly, and when kdm is about
> to start, the LVDS shows a new blank screen with the console cursor
> on the top left corner but not blinking. I mean, it is like another
> console (another VT) with nothing and the cursors at the top left
> corner stopped, without blinking.
>In that case, if I press Ctrl+Alt+F{1,2,3,4,5,6} I can go back to any
> of the text consoles and use my Linux box. However, when I press
> Alt+F7 I go back to that empty console with the non-blinking cursor
> on the top left corner (I guess here I should see the Xorg server
> running).

Answering to myself, I just tried 2.6.29-rc6 + VBT bogus patch from 
Jesse Barnes (on intel_bios.c) and I got KMS working with my laptop, 
which is nice.

So I guess we just  now have to wait for intel-2.6.2 and the VBT patch 
to be pushed into the kernel git, to get it working without manual hacks 

>So, about the original question, the GEM + DRI2. I have noticed that
> the performance of my machine is quite lousy, since glxgears tops
> only 350FPS (I have sometimes achieved 1200FPS using an old 2.6.27
> with older Xorg stack). So I was wondering if everybody has this low
> performance using the GM45 or if it is just me...

Actually, an update to this information. As soon as I got KMS working 
with -rc6, I also got the rendering to become Software Rasterizer, don't 
ask me why.

Now I don't have 3D acceleration, so I'm back to the cruel world. Could
you guys give some information about this? Is it a problem with libdrm2
or libmesa? Or is it just a problem with current GEM+KMS code?

I'd appreciate your help, before filing any bug report.

Claudio M. Camacho

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