[Intel-gfx] GLXVisuals

GS gaf.stephanos at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 13:38:44 CET 2009

I recently found that the new X prepares a typical set of GLXVisuals out  
of the GLXFBConfigs.
I had 36 GLXFBConfigs and 3 GLXVisuals which are not there in the  
GLXFBConfigs list somehow.
I don't know from where they get prepared. This prevented me from using  
some small 3d apps like
gnubik and xrubik. Gnubik exited saying that it can't get a suitable  
visual and xrubik had a
segmentation fault probably due to the same reason. Anyway, I found an  
xorg.conf option which
makes X prepare visuals for all the fbconfigs. So i got 36 glxfbconfigs  
and 36 glxvisuals.
But my old visuals which weren't there in the fbconfigs are now lost and i  
can't run compiz
though i can run gnubik now. What's the solution ? Is this something  
related to the driver ?


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