[Intel-gfx] [Resend2] [PATCH 0/3] Add the default mode for LVDS in KMS mode

yakui_zhao yakui.zhao at intel.com
Mon Jun 8 04:04:01 CEST 2009

Hi, All
	the following is the patch set that adds the default modes for LVDS in KMS
mode. It is to solve the following bugs:

	Patch 1/3: Add a private data for LVDS
		When the connector type is LVDS, it will add a private data that 
can be used to store the LVDS panel limit. For example: hdisplay, vdisplay.
	Patch 2/3: Get the LVDS panel limit and check whether the given modeline
is valid
		Traverse the mode list returned by KMS kernel to get the LVDS panel
limit. And the panel limit is used to check whether the given modeline is valid.

	Patch 3/3: Add the default modes for the LVDS
		´╗┐This is similar to what we have done in UMS mode
                a. When there exists the EDID, either find a DS_RANGES
block or replace a DS_VENDOR block , smashing it into a DS_RANGES block
with open refresh to match all the default modes. 
                b. When there is no EDID, we will construct a bogus EDID
and add a DS_RANGES block with open refresh to match all the default

welcome the comments.

Best regards

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