[Intel-gfx] [ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel (2.8.0 rc1)

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Thu Jun 11 00:42:32 CEST 2009

This is the first release candidate in preparation for the upcoming
2.8.0 release. Most critical bugs should be fixed, but some major
bugs may still be present. We will appreciate any feedback we can
get from testing of this snapshot to improve the 2.8.0 release.

Some of the major fixes in this snapshot include:

        * Several fixes for intermittent GPU hangs/crashes, (some of
          which already appeared in the 2.7.1 release)

        * Fix to avoid X crash when viewing large images in browser

        * Fix X server failure when running old (non-GEM) kernel

	* Fixes for SDVO LVDS mode detection

        * Fix major performance regression of trapezoid rendering
          compared to XAA/EXA

        * New support for tear-free video when using KMS

        * New support for tear-free DRI2 CopyRegion

	* And many more...


How to get the release
git tag:

MD5: bd2052cb77094aaea76bf9d6e1ce8ce6  xf86-video-intel-
SHA1: 8c32e4cb54a739d98b9cdcf48355403350136712  xf86-video-intel-

MD5: 81184dcf98a035882a4f023bf50aa356  xf86-video-intel-
SHA1: f6b47ca218ae2b76392d619106d9b35a5e63cd7a  xf86-video-intel-

All changes from to
Adam Jackson (1):
      Remove useless loader symbol lists.

Alan Coopersmith (1):
      Fix "Unkown" typo in two FatalError messages

Arkadiusz Miśkiewicz (1):
      Restore CFLAGS after tests.

Carl Worth (8):
      Add doltlibtool to DISTCLEANFILES
      RELEASING: Better instructions for where to send announcements
      Use libdrm to lookup pipe for tear-free sync of XV
      Revert "Rely on BO pixmaps being present in acceleration paths."
      Rename i830_exa.c to i830_uxa.c
      UXA: Rasterize trapezoids to system memory, not a pixmap
      NEWS: Summarize new developments for
      Increment version to

Eric Anholt (9):
      Remove dead "avail" variable from XAA stuff.
      Only sync XV to vblank when drawing to the frontbuffer.
      Don't do GTT maps on objects bigger than half the available aperture size.
      Fix backwards logic on whether to sync to vblank or not.
      Open the DRM and keep the handle throughout server startup to finish.
      Fold GEM detection into DRM master open.
      Replace some pixmap-related idioms with inline functions to do so.
      Fix some drawable abuse in i830_dri.c
      Fix segfault in DRI2 vblank syncing if the region isn't onscreen.

Jesse Barnes (3):
      Add new have_gem flag
      Add --enable-debug flag to configure
      Sync DRI2 CopyRegion to vertical retrace

Keith Packard (14):
      Allow cursors to roam past 2048x2048 limit.
      intel_batch_start_atomic: fix size passed to intel_batch_require_space (*4)
      Leave allocator running until lower-level CloseScreens are done
      Don't bother to enable VF statistics during 965 video playback
      3D_STATE_VERTEX_BUFFERS takes four 32-bit values, not three.
      Hold reference to video binding table until all rects are painted.
      Revert "Leave allocator running until lower-level CloseScreens are done"
      Call down to lower CloseScreen before shutting down DRM allocator
      Split i915 textured video commands to fit into batch buffers.
      Fallback when VT inactive
      Add DP link and GMCH M and N registers
      Load i915 and fbcon when checking for KMS
      If DRM can't figure out which pipe to sync on, then don't sync at all.
      Use drm_intel_bo_disable_reuse API to flag scanout and cursor buffers

Kristian Høgsberg (2):
      Only return FALSE when dri_bo_map() fails
      Fall back to fb pixmaps for backing glyph pictures

Li Shao Hua (1):
      switch XvMC to gem

Lukasz Kurylo (1):
      DRI2 copyregion: don't wait for scanlines that won't happen

Ma Ling (4):
      Set activation periods as 64 cdclk sync up with KMS
      Wait doubled regis to be stable for load pipe detection
      Fetch mode line from VBT, then keep it.
      Provide mode line from VBT to xorg.

Stijn van Drongelen (1):
      Fix typo in (unused) INTEL_BIOS_32 macro

Wu Fengguang (2):
      Remove the offset parameter from i830_allocator_init()
      README: kill an evil dot

Xiang Hai hao (1):
      DRI2 for XvMC

Xiang, Haihao (1):
      xvmc: don't include xf86dri.h

Zhenyu Wang (8):
      xvmc: move 965 mc media programs to shader/mc directory
      xvmc: add missed vld g4i sources in Makefile and fix distcheck
      Add new chipsets PCI ids
      Remove fixed MMIO size
      Update intel_gtt utility for new chipset GTT check
      Add new register definitions
      Disable composite on new chipset for now
      Add new chipset register dumps

Zou Nan hai (5):
      XvMC VLD extension support for G4X
      enable UV half pixel
      enable MC on g45 for player without vld patch
      add missing files for previous commit

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