[Intel-gfx] Plans for 2.6.29.x kernel series

Colin Guthrie intel at colin.guthr.ie
Thu Jun 25 11:44:46 CEST 2009


I'm just curious if there are any plans by the developers to push some 
of the more significant fixes now in the 2.6.30 kernel back to the 
2.6.29.x tree? Perhaps it's already been done?

In Mandriva, like several other distros, we've shipped kernel 2.6.29 
kernel. We have some patches already obviously, but when I asked our 
updates team about the possibility of backporting some/all fixes to our 
official kernel updates, they said it would be more appropriate if the 
upstream people who know much more about the fixes and what they mean, 
did the backporting.

So really I'm just asking what the process is and what the plans are for 

If you are not going to do it, I guess we will have to pick through some 
of the changes and work out which ones made the difference to various 
bugs that have been reported to us which we've had users confirm are 
solved with 2.6.30 (e.g. font corruption problems, Xv support on some 
hardware etc.)

For various obvious reasons, we cannot simply use 2.6.30 as an update.

Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.

(I'm not sure if it would be possible to make a 2.6.29.x series kernel 
effectively equiv to a 2.6.30 kernel - I don't know how much the other, 
dependant interfaces in the kernel have changed).




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