[Intel-gfx] Meaning of "fbpercrtc=1" option?

Tobias Hain tobias.hain at gmx.de
Wed Oct 7 11:53:16 CEST 2009

Am Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2009 11:07:57 schrieb Marc Deop i Argemí:
> On Wednesday 07 October 2009 10:14:37 Tobias Hain wrote:
> > I resolved both issues by booting with "fbpercrtc=1" option, which I
> > found in  the source code. It boots fine with a huge 1920 x 1200 console
> > only on the external screen and switching between X and console leaves
> > the internal LVDS turned off. That's the way I want to use it.
> That's what I've been looking for some time although... it does not work
>  for me :S
> Any other way to set the external display to its maximum res(1920x1080?

Did you make sure you set the parameter in the correct location?

If KMS is compiled into the kernel
grep KMS /boot/config-*
then you have to add i915.fbpercrtc=1 to the grub menu options.

If KMS is compiled as a module:
then you may need to do the following depending on your distribution:

add to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules
# Enable Kernel Modesetting
i915 modeset=1 fbpercrtc=1

and issue:
update-initramfs -u

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