[Intel-gfx] [PATCH 0/3] Cleanup Xv overlay code after merge

Daniel Vetter daniel.vetter at ffwll.ch
Wed Oct 14 15:56:52 CEST 2009

Hi all,

Now that the ums code is gone and the driver was completely reformatted,
there is some fallout. Please review and merged.

Thanks, Daniel

Daniel Vetter (3):
  Xv overlay: remove some more dead stuff from ums overlay support
  Xv: fixup the disabled drmmode overlay code
  Xv overlay: further cleanups

 src/i830_video.c |  119 +++++++++---------------------------------------------
 src/i830_video.h |   10 +----
 2 files changed, 22 insertions(+), 107 deletions(-)

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