[Intel-gfx] Update...

Arlindo Luis Marcon Junior arlindomarconjr at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 01:59:00 CEST 2009

Good Night

Someone can give me a hint, please...  
I am posting this little problem here, because I am using the latest intel driver. 

Update and after "Monitor(s): Unknown"
Since the last update (18-10-2009), the screen resolution went down to 
1024*768(4:3) and there is no option to set it back at "Display preferences"
and also says "Monitor: Unknown". 
I'm using an Toshiba notebook with a Samsung Monitor. Now, only one works, the another, not... 
In the update manager, I remember that I selected something about the xserver. 

I tried to reconfigure the xorg.conf, but nothing,,, dont works... 
At this time, "googleing" for a solution... 

Any help is welcome... 
Sorry my poor english,,, 

Best Regards,

Arlindo Marcon Junior
E-mail: arlindomarconjr at gmail.com 

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