[Intel-gfx] Intel KMS and custom modelines?

David Härdeman david at hardeman.nu
Tue Oct 27 00:29:21 CET 2009

On Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 12:22:57AM +0000, The Fungi wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 11:28:52PM +0200, David Härdeman wrote:
> > Replying to myself, it seems that David Airlie has written the
> > necessary patches to allow the connector and mode to be specified.
> > It's commit d50ba256b5f1478e15accfcfda9b72fd7a661364
> [...]
> Out of curiosity, have you tested this with your use case yet? I'm
> in a similar boat. Booting 2.6.31 with video=i915:modeset=1 I still
> need to stick this in my .xinitrc to get a reasonable resolution:

Yes I've tried it, but it seems to mess with HDMI audio and the signal 
it generates somehow seems less "good" than what the x.org drivers 
produce (meaning that my TV shows "mode not supported" half of the time 
when booting).

> Reading the commit comments, it's not entirely clear how
> you would go about specifying the necessary custom timings (unless
> that's explained by the earlier fb patch it mentions?).

You need to look at drivers/video/modedb.c as well...the lines I tried 
with was video="HDMI Type A-1:1920x1080MR at 60D" (the connector name came 
from /sys/class/drm/. I've also tried video="HDMI Type 
A-1:1920x1080 at 60D" but it had the same HDMI audio problems.

David Härdeman

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