[Intel-gfx] 3d performance very low

Camassa Valerio valerio993 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 30 15:20:25 CEST 2010

i have the same problems with 2.11 and 2.12 intel driver and mesa 7.8. 
In 3D application i have annoying stuttering and in glxgears (and others 
3d application) i don't obtain more than 60fps (i think is active 
vsync). The stuttering problem is mitigated with mesa 7.9 (but is not 
solved), the vsync problem is solved with downgrade to 2.10 drivers and 
i would to say how can i disable vsync in new driver? i watched the 
configure compile options of mesa and drv-intel packages, but i didn't 
find anything.
I use Fedora 13 Amd64.


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