[Intel-gfx] Picture quality on laptop LCD with i915GM chipset.

SD sd.domrep at yahoo.com
Sat May 15 01:17:56 CEST 2010

Dear All.

My question may look strange but I have some serious problem that prevent me of using any linuxes on kernel higher then 2.6.27.

Explanation: I have laptop i686 Celeron i915GM video. On it there is two OS - OpenSuse 11.1 (kernel 2.6.27) and now Fedora 13 (2.6.33 - 85). I have tested Fedora 12, nut upgrade it to 13.

Problem is - Picture on my laptop LCD is not suitable for eyes. I can't explain exactly why, but it looks like it is not smooth, it is rough, after some time (one hour or two) it starts to hurt eyes. Some time I think it is not stable and it is blinking. I do not use anti-aliasing, all my fonts are clear without shadows and it is very noticeable that something different, they are not look solid or stable, like it on OpenSuse 11.1. And it is not just fonts, anything on screen looks different.

Sorry I can't explain, but I can't use nor Fedora 12 nor Fedora 13.
Only OpenSuse 11.1 shows normal smooth picture.
I will definitely will check OpenSuse 11.3 when it will be ready, but I start to suspect that problem is not in distribution. Problem with something new in rendering, but it made unusable 33 kernels on my laptop (foe example). It is very frustrating. 

So, as long as I already understood that I can't use any new kernels on my current laptop, I just want to know - is there changes in picture quality on other chipsets?
I can't believe that it is only i915GM was affected, because I am really can't see Fedora 12 and 13 screen picture longer then few hours.

Thanks for comments.


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