[Intel-gfx] i5-611/DH55HC/dual screen/Hulu => Complete X crashes

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Mon Sep 13 16:07:41 CEST 2010

User type here so no technical data yet. I'm just starting to
investigate a problem that's crept in on my 64-bit Gentoo system. I
haven't seen any reports but I haven't been watching the list closely.
If there's something going on that I should tag onto please let me
know. I'm away from the machine right now. I'll post driver details
and what not later but fundamentally it's a completely up-to-date
Gentoo box I'm talking about here.

This machine has been very stable for the last few months until a
problem showed up recently that completely crashes X back to the gdm
login prompt. As best I can tell so far the trigger has to do with
running (I assume) flash in firefox-bin - a 32-bit version of the
browser. 64-bit Flash had reported security problems and the Gentoo
devs masked it telling to use the 32-bit binaries for awhile. I did
that sometime back but didn't use the system and don't think I had a
chance to see the problem.

The problem is almost always repeatable when moving a video that
playing from Hulu back and forth between the two screens. Sometimes it
shows up just starting a video on one machine but not always.

All I'm curious about for now is whether anything like this has been
reported or whether this sounds new.

I'll try and narrow it down a bit more, going back to a 64-bit browser
if I can find 64-bit Flash, maybe trying an open source replacement
for flash, etc., or any other tests folks want me to try. There do
seem to be some threads out there about Firefox crashing when running
Hulu, but my case with this Intel-based machine is all of X crashing.


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